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Swiss climate in detail

MeteoSwiss offers detailed information about the Swiss climate. This information is updated daily with the latest measurements.

Monthly and annual maps

Monthly and annual maps show monthly and annual averages as well as deviations from the long-time averages of the temperature, precipitation, hours...

Climate normals

This page links to the details on climate normals at measurement stations and norm value charts of different climatological parameters.

Swiss temperature mean

Temperatur in der Schweiz, gemittelt über die gesamte Landesfläche und alle Höhenlagen.

Trends at meteorological stations

The change in temperature and precipitation is illustrated graphically for the measuring stations. Annual and seasonal climate trends are visualised.

Annual course series

Time series of the annual course of measurements for temperature, sunshine and precipitation.

Homogeneous data series since 1864

The weather service MeteoSwiss is providing long-time homogenous temperatures and precipitation series from the stations of the Swiss...

Climate indicators

Climate indicators are parameters used to characterise the climate. The change in important indicators can be illustrated graphically for measuring...

Climatology of heavy precipitation

Heavy precipitation does not affect the different regions of Switzerland evenly, and differs from one season to the other. Here we present the...

Pollen season

Pollen-count graphs updated weekly for the 14 major allergenic pollen types at the stations in the pollen monitoring network.

Radiation monitoring

The long-term observation of radiation flux between the atmosphere and the surface of the earth plays an important role in climate research.

Solar energy

The weather service MeteoSwiss is using meteosat satellite data to compile climatological data series relating to the spatial and chronological...

Climate scenarios indoor climate

Hourly data for the future based on the CH2018 Climate Scenarios for Switzerland provide an important basis for assessing the future indoor climate...