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Data on the Swiss temperature mean

Dataset of the Swiss temperature mean in monthly resolution





Area-mean temperatures of Switzerland

Version and year of publication:

1.3 / 2022


Method: Begert M, Frei C. 2018. Long-term area-mean temperature series for Switzerland – Combining homogenized station data and high resolution grid data. Int. J. Climatol., 38: 2792-2807.

Dataset: MeteoSwiss. Area-mean temperatures of Switzerland. DOI: 10.18751/Climate/Timeseries/CHTM/1.3


The Swiss temperature mean describes the temperature measured on average across the entire area of the country and at the various altitudes of Switzerland. The mean has been available with a monthly resolution since 1864 and is continuously updated with the most recent values in the data files. A detailed description of the methodology used to calculate the Swiss temperature mean is published at the following link:

New values are added to the files one day after the end of a month, if the underlying measurement data are available. Until the 10th day of the new month, however, the values are to be regarded as provisional, as they may still change due to quality controls. In addition, in the course of data preparation and homogenisation, historical data on which the mean is based may also change. If a monthly mean is affected by more than 0.04 degree, the dataset is issued a new version number or a new DOI, respectively.