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Measurement systems

MeteoSwiss operates an extensive monitoring network that enables it to collect round-the-clock meteorological data for the whole of Switzerland. These data form the basis for making weather forecasts, issuing bad weather warnings, and analysing climate change.


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MeteoSwiss collects meteorological data at ground level and in the atmosphere. Highly specialised instruments are used for taking the measurements.

Land-based stations

MeteoSwiss operates a network of land-based weather stations where current weather and climate data are automatically recorded. It covers all parts of the country and all altitude levels. These range from the manual recording of cloud cover and vegetation development to particulate matter, soil moisture and ozone measurements and a camera network that records the most important terrain and mountain passes in Switzerland.


MeteoSwiss also obtains relevant data for weather forecasting and climate analysis from the atmosphere. The properties and composition of the atmosphere are studied using various instruments and methods, including weather balloons, satellites and laser equipment. Weather radar stations play an important role, as they record precipitation and thunderstorms throughout Switzerland in real time.

Data management

Land-based stations, weather radars, radiosondes and numerous other instruments provide millions of measurements in various formats each and every day. MeteoSwiss collates these data and processes them according to standardised rules, so that they can be used for weather forecasting and climate analysis.