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Annual report 2008


As the national provider for weather and climate services, MeteoSwiss fulfills duties which contribute to the safety and the welfare of the general public as well as to the long-term protection of an intact environment. We meet high security demands in the interests of the population, state and industry and we develop forward-looking specific solutions in order to create added value for our customers: for instance mobile aviation weather information for pilots, warning systems for the construction industry, pollen forecasts for people suffering from allergies, the scientific foundations for risk management in the fields of weather and climate as well as measuring instruments for climate observation in the 3rd dimension. Innovation, expertise, reliability and customer value are the key elements in all our activities. C

AuthorsMeteo Schweiz / MétéoSuisse / MeteoSvizzera
EditionYear 2008
  • Hazards
  • Measurement & forecasting systems
  • Weather
  • Climate


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