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MeteoSwiss processes and analyses very comprehensive data on weather and climate. These are offered as part of the MeteoSwiss services, many of which are free of charge. In addition, experts are available to provide tailored advice. Visualisations of weather and climate data can be displayed in numerous applications. Reports and studies by MeteoSwiss can be found under publications


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MeteoSwiss provides a comprehensive range of publicly available information about the weather and climate. Much of this information can be obtained free of charge. Experts at MeteoSwiss also produce numerous weather and climate products for customers with more specialist requirements, as well as providing tailored advice.


Applications make it possible to present current weather and climate data in visual form – from the latest satellite images, through temperature and precipitation deviations, to severe weather and natural hazard warnings.


All MeteoSwiss publications, as well as any external publications in which MeteoSwiss staff have been involved, can be called up using the search function.