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The Convective and Orographically induced Precipitation Study: A Research and Development Project of the World Weather Research Program for improving quantitative precipitation forecasting in low-mountain regionsBull. Amer. Met. Soc. (BAMS), 89/10, 1477-1486, doi:10.1175/2008BAMS2367.1

AuthorsWulfmeyer V, Behrendt A, Bauer HS, Kottmeier C, Corsmeier U, Blyth A, Craig G, Schumann U, Hagen M, Crewell S, Di Girolamo P, Flamant C, Miller M, Montani A, Mobbs S, Richard E, Rotach MW*, Arpagaus M*, Russchenberg H, Schlüssel P, König M, Gärtner V, Steinacker R, Dorninger M, Turner DD, Weckwerth T, Hense A, Simmer C,
TypeScientific publications