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Response of the ozone column over Europe to the 2011 Arctic ozone depletion event according to ground-based observations and assessment of the consequent variations in surface UV irradiance, ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 85, 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2013.12.005

AuthorsPetkov, Boyan H.; Vitale, Vito; Tomasi, Claudio; Siani, Anna Maria; Seckmeyer, Gunther; Webb, Ann R.; Smedley, Andrew R. D.; Casale, Giuseppe Rocco; Werner, Rolf; Lanconelli, Christian; Mazzola, Mauro; Lupi, Angelo; Busetto, Maurizio; Diemoz, Henri; Goutail, Florence; Koehler, Ulf; Mendeva, Bogdana D.; Josefsson, Weine; Moore, David; Lopez Bartolome, Maria; Moreta Gonzalez, Juan Ramon; Misaga, Oliver; Dahlback, Arne; Toth, Zoltan; Varghese, Saji; De Backer, Hugo; Stuebi, Rene*; Vanicek, Karel,
TypeScientific publications