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MAP D-PHASE: Real-time Demonstration of Weather Forecast Quality in the Alpine RegionBulletin American Meteorological Society, 90, 1321-1336

AuthorsRotach M W*, Ambrosetti P*, Ament F*, Appenzeller C*, Arpagaus M*, Bauer H, Behrendt A, Bouttier F, Buzzi A, Corazza M, Davolio S, Denhard M, Dorninger M, Fontannaz L*, Frick J, Fundel F*, Germann U*, Hegg T G and C, Hering A*, Keil C, Liniger M A*, Marsigli C, McTaggart-Cowan R, Montani A, Mylne K, Ranzi R, Richard E, Rossa A, Santos-Muñoz D, Schär C, Seity Y, Staudinger M, Stoll M*, Volkert H, Walser A*, Wang Y, Werhahn J, Wulf-meyer V, Zappa M,
TypeScientific publications