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First Reprocessing of Southern Hemisphere Additional Ozonesondes (SHADOZ) Ozone Profiles (1998-2016): 2. Comparisons With Satellites and Ground-Based Instruments. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 122 (23), 13000-13025.

AuthorsThompson, A.M., Witte, J.C., Sterling, C., Jordan, A., Johnson, B.J., Oltmans, S.J., Fujiwara, M., Vomel, H., Allaart, M., Piters, A., Coetzee, G.J.R., Posny, F., Corrales, E., Diaz, J.A., Felix, C., Komala, N., Lai, N., Nguyen, H.T.A., Maata, M., Mani, F., Zainal, Z., Ogino, S.Y., Paredes, F., Penha, T.L.B., da Silva, F.R., Sallons-Mitro, S., Selkirk, H.B., Schmidlin, F.J., Stubi, R.*, & Thiongo, K.
TypeScientific publications