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The use of polarimetric weather radar in the Alps: Identification and statistical analysis of radar target and hydrometeor types with 83m radial resolution


Precipitation estimation and nowcasting in mountainous regions are of large importance due to strong spatial variability and orographic forcing. Currently, Switzerland sets up a new precipitation radar network (Rad4Alp) using dual-polarized Doppler C-band radar with a radial resolution of 83m. We are among the first to analyze these data in a mountainous region, where serious shielding and reflection from non-weather targets have to be considered. An explorative study using the raw data is presented. A median and a finite impulse response (FIR) filter are tested and compared for φDP smoothing and subsequent KDP derivation. A fuzzy logic classification scheme for the distinction of weather, clutter and clear air echo is applied and compared with the operation clutter removal algorithm of MeteoSwiss

AuthorsClementi L, Wernli H , Boscacci M, Graf P, Germann U
TypeScientific publications
  • Measurement & forecasting systems