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MeteoSwiss extreme value analyses: User manual and documentation


Extreme value analyses of meteorological quantities, such as precipitation, or temperature, are of great importance in design engineering and risk management. Since 2016, MeteoSwiss has made extreme value analyses of precipitation publicly available for more than 300 stations of its observational network. The present report provides users with a “manual” for understanding and interpreting these analyses; it documents the data used and the statistical methods employed. It is meant for engineers and other experts familiar with basic statistical concepts. The report is structured in several parts. The first chapter describes and explains the contents of the analysis sheets, the second documents the underlying data, and the third is dedicated to the theoretical background. Further chapters are short analyses addressing issues related to the contents of the web platform.

AuthorsFukutome S, Schindler A
EditionTechnical Report 255, 3rd Edition
TypeReports & Bulletins
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  • Climate


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