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Climate Change Scenarios

The CH2018 Swiss Climate Change Scenarios show where and how climate change is affecting Switzerland. With greenhouse gas emissions rising unchecked, Switzerland will have to adjust to four main changes in the middle of this century: dry summers, heavy precipitation, more hot days and winters with little snow. But the Climate Change Scenarios also show the potential of global climate change mitigation measures to curb climate change in Switzerland.

Since 2014, the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss has had an official mandate to regularly create Climate Change Scenarios. The CH2018 Climate Change Scenarios were developed in close cooperation with research partners, in particular ETH Zurich. The CH2018 Climate Change Scenarios are the basis for planning adaptation measures. Users receive specific information on future climate development in Switzerland, in its geographical regions, in its cantons and for individual stations in the form of text, graphics and data. The new Climate Change Scenarios reflect the latest scientific findings on climate change in Switzerland and allow the most accurate view of the climate future of our country to date.