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Ground frost occurs when the temperature close to the ground (measured 5 cm above the natural ground level) falls below the freezing point. This can have certain damaging effects on agriculture and construction.


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Swiss federal authoritiesSwiss federal authorities

Hazard category 2 (moderate hazard)

Possible impacts

Plants could be damaged by frost.

Description of measurement and prognostic values

Ground frost may be light to moderate or heavy:

  • Light to moderate: at temperatures (at 5 cm above the ground) between 0 °C and -4 °C
  • Heavy: at temperatures (at 5 cm above the ground) below -4 °C *

Recommendations for action

Recommendations during frost


Only hazard category 2 exists.

Ground frost warnings are only issued between 15 March and 31 October and for low-lying areas (below 600 m above sea level).

Ground frost also occurs in the winter but since this is not unusual for the season, warnings are not issued during this period..