Recommendations during slippery roads

General recommendations before slippery roads

The dangers associated with icy roads include sudden danger of skidding, road and air travel coming to a standstill, disruption to rail travel, falling branches breaking under the ice load, and falling trees.

The following precautions should be taken in preparation for icy road conditions in order to get through the winter safely, both as a pedestrian and a driver (of a car, motorbike, moped etc.):

  • Keep an eye on local weather developments, and act appropriately, according to the information you receive on the conditions;
  • Heed the push notifications on the MeteoSwiss App;
  • Equip your car in readiness for winter (winter tyres etc.);
  • Add antifreeze to the radiator coolant and windscreen wash;
  • Consider taking a winter driving course;
  • Check the car battery;
  • Have an ice scraper handy;
  • Pedestrians: wear appropriate footwear;
  • Spread salt or gravel

General recommendations during slippery roads

When the roads are slippery, it is especially important that you adjust your driving to the road conditions.

It is recommended that you:

  • Keep an eye on local weather developments and stay informed;
  • Heed the push notifications on the MeteoSwiss App;
  • If possible, stay at home;
  • Avoid making any journeys that are not absolutely necessary (even if your vehicle is equipped for winter);
  • Stay informed on the driving conditions (through radio, 163 telephone service, TV, media);
  • Adjust your driving to the conditions, and use public transport if necessary;
  • Always follow the official advice.

General recommendations after slippery roads

Many accidents in winter are the result of ice on the roads, particularly when winter tyres have not been used or if a driver’s speed has not been adjusted to take into account current conditions. Pedestrians can also be injured, by slipping on icy pavement, for example.

What can be done?

  • Secure the accident site
  • File an accident report (including notes about the road conditions)
  • Report any damage to your insurance company
  • In the case of personal injury, give first aid, and call the police and ambulance