General recommendations during frost

General recommendations before frost

In certain sectors, such as agriculture and construction, it is important to know in advance if there is a likelihood of frost.

For this reason, MeteoSwiss provides a frost warning when there is a likelihood of frost. There are various protective measures that can be taken to minimise frost damage:

General recommendations during frost

Ground frost can cause damage to plants and crops, as well as hamper construction work. The major factors contributing to the formation of frost are the minimum temperature on a given night, the amount of cloud cover, and wind.

Various protective measures can be taken to limit frost damage:

  • Cover plants with a protective layer ; place potted plants against a house wall since they are particularly susceptible to frost damage.
  • Protect building sites and any construction materials on the site against frost damage.

General recommendations after frost

There are certain measures that can be taken to tend frost-damaged plants, and to ensure that they are better-prepared for frost in future. Further information on these measures is available on the Agroscope website.