Facts and figures

Operating income in 2015 amounted to CHF 36.2 million and was therefore CHF 0.3 million above budget. Additional income was generated through financial incomes.

Operating expenditure has reduced by CHF 3.1 million in comparison with the 2015 budget (including additions, assignments and credit reallocations). Project delays led to lower investment levels which in turn led to reduced depreciation of CHF 0.6 million in relation to budget. Internal transfer charges are also around CHF 1.6 million lower, which is attributable to lower rents than originally planned.

Lower than budgeted levels of expenditure of CHF 0.3 million are reported. This is primarily due to delays starting the project to construct the fifth radar station.

Expenditure credits outside of the global budget refer to Switzerland’s compulsory contributions to international organisations and institutions. These are derived from Switzerland’s obligations under international law.

At 42.9 percent the cost recovery level of the product groups (including customer and third-party funded projects) is almost exactly in line with the allocated budget of 43.0 percent.