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Intuitive, personalised and innovative: The MeteoSwiss App provides all relevant weather information for Switzerland in one place, from weather forecasts and current measurement values, to the MeteoSwiss Blog, through to warnings about severe weather and other natural hazards.


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Up-to-date information about weather and climate is shown on the home screen of the MeteoSwiss App, with customisable live tiles. The information is also available in the detailed view on zoomable maps. Favourites can be saved in order to see weather developments at a glance for any location in Switzerland. You can subscribe to natural hazard warnings for your saved favourite locations and have them sent to you by MeteoSwiss in the form of push notifications.

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Content (from version 2.16 onwards)

The following content is offered and can be activated via the tiles.

Weather forecasts

  • Local overview for the next six days on a zoomable map
  • Wind and temperatures at different elevations
  • Zero degree line and snowfall limit for three different regions

Weather report

  • Weather report for the three language regions of Switzerland
  • Possible weather developments for the coming week
  • Isobar map of Europe
  • Forecast of road conditions


  • For all locations/postcodes in Switzerland
  • For mountain weather locations (mountain huts, mountains and passes)
  • Local forecasts, current data and warnings
  • Option to subscribe and receive desired natural hazard warnings as push notifications

Weather animations

  • Development of precipitation, precipitation type, wind (at various elevations), temperature and clouds, both retrospective and prospective
  • Satellite images
  • Hail messages

Local weather

  • Imminent changes to the weather, forecasts and weather stations are shown for the relevant location (where local services are enabled)

Meteo messages

  • Option to submit weather observations and see messages of other app users
  • Information about lightning, wind, rain, ice, snowfall, hail, snow cover, clouds, fog and tornadoes can be submitted together with a photo

Natural hazard warnings

  • All natural hazards in Switzerland (severe weather, floods, forest fire hazard, earthquakes and avalanches)
  • Overview of the warning area on a zoomable map
  • Natural hazards bulletin
  • Link to Alertswiss messages
  • Location, warning type and warning threshold can be subscribed to in Favourites

Current weather data

  • Select station view on zoomable map or table view
  • Select from a variety of data, some of which are updated every 10 minutes
  • Climate data
  • Weather cameras

Sport & health

  • Snow depth and new snowfall forecast
  • Air quality
  • Pollen forecast
  • UV index


  • A daily overview of the weather and regularly updated information about weather and climate as well as research and the development of measurement systems.

Aviation weather

Tailored and continually updated information for pilots (for a subscription fee)

  • METAR/TAF Switzerland
  • Aviation weather warnings for Switzerland
  • Wind animations for Switzerland, for various flying altitudes
  • GAFOR Switzerland
  • Text forecasts for aeroplanes, gliders and balloon aviation
  • Low-Level SWC for the Alps and Europe
  • Weather cameras
  • Regtherm
  • Trajectories
  • Emagrams


Home screen

  • Tiles can be customised by content, size and location


  • Automatically adapts to the display size
  • iOS and Android