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The European Meteorological Network (EUMETNET) is the Interest Grouping of the European meteorological services. EUMETNET coordinates the cooperation between the national meteorological services and promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience.


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Swiss federal authoritiesSwiss federal authorities

Well-coordinated cooperation between the national meteorological services increases the effectiveness and efficiency of global and regional monitoring systems and allows the methods employed in weather and climate forecasting to be further developed. The exchange of knowledge, experience and technology has a central role to play in this regard. These factors help to ensure that the individual meteorological services fulfil their national responsibilities in a cost-effective way and to a high standard.

European Meteorological Network

In 1995, the Informal Conference of European Meteorological Services was founded with the purpose of increasing the level of cooperation between the national meteorological services. The Informal Conference was transformed into a legal entity in 2009, in the form of an Economic Interest Grouping. Switzerland is one of the founding members of the resulting European Meteorological Network (EUMETNET), which is based in Brussels.Currently 33 national meteorological services are members of EUMETNET.

Joint programmes of the national meteorological services

Through EUMETNET, the meteorological services invest in joint programmes - a large proportion of which relate to meteorological monitoring. Examples of these include:

  • Collation of data from European weather radars
  • Weather observation using civil aircraft
  • Cross-border communication of weather warnings

As part of the EMMA (European Multi-services Meteorological Awareness) programme, EUMETNET is developing and operating the "meteoalarm" warning platform. This provides crucial information to enable people in Europe to prepare for extreme weather occurrences.

EUMETNET aims at implementing a sustainable, Europe-wide data infrastructure. Its goal is to facilitate and optimize access to, and distribution of, meteorological and climatological data.

10th EUMETNET Data Management Workshop 2015