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Foehn index

The foehn index is calculated individually for each of the listed stations on the basis of various measurements.

The foehn index is only available for the stations shown, and is updated every 10 minutes. A southerly wind on the main Alpine crest, recorded in measurements at the station Gütsch, Andermatt (GUE), is an early warning sign of foehn wind on the northern side of the Alps. Conversely, to have foehn wind on the southern side of the Alps, the wind on the main Alpine crest must be blowing north.
Foehn wind is recorded only if it is present at the station and is then measured.

The indicated values are only partially checked, and some may be missing.

The display includes 3 levels:

0 No foehn duration: 0 minutes
1 Foehn mixed air, the foehn criteria  are partly
duration: 10 minutes
2 Foehn duration: 10 minutes