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Swiss National GAW/GCOS Symposium – September 13 to 14th 2021

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View on Spiez, Swiss town, with mountains in the background. Swiss National GAW/GCOS Symposium, 13-14 September 2021.

The Swiss National GAW/GCOS Symposium promotes the role of consistent observations for understanding of the Earth System across the water, energy and carbon cycles.

The threefold aim of the event is to:

i.   Showcase achievements of the national GAW and GCOS programmes and their associated communities

ii.   Promote the understanding of the water, carbon and energy cycles and assess related observational gaps

iii.  Spark ideas for innovative and collaborative approaches across the broader Swiss GAW and GCOS communities

The outcomes of the Symposium may form part of the future national GAW and GCOS programmes, while the event is in line with efforts of the international GAW and GCOS context, and thus will contribute specifically to the GAW Symposium and the GCOS Science Conference, both planned to take place in 2021.


The overall structure of the event comprises:

  • An opening session that raises the importance of systematic observation of the different climate variables with the perspectives of MeteoSwiss, WMO, IPCC and ECMWF.
  • Three scientific sessions on the Earth system cycles for carbon, water and energy balance, introduced by international speakers.
  • A poster session, dedicated to the national GAW and GCOS programmes projects
  • A cross-cutting part and closing session that will discuss the main points of the Symposium through a panel discussion

Target Audience

The Swiss National GAW/GCOS Symposium welcomes scientists and experts from the Swiss GAW and GCOS communities, the wider Swiss climate and earth science communities, as well as representatives who are active in the field of climate services or simply interested in observations and understanding of the earth system across the water, energy and carbon cycles.

Format of the Symposium

The Swiss National GAW/GCOS Symposium will be held in a virtual format. There will be a live broadcast of all presentations and discussions and you will be able to participate through an interactive online meeting platform.


Please click here to register. There is no participation fee.