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Thanks to COSMO-1E and COSMO-2E, probabilistic forecasts based on the analysis of 11 or 21 different forecasts are available to you. The system also allows the reliability of a weather prognosis to be gauged. This provides you with substantial support for your decision-making and enables you to implement appropriate measures based on your own risk profile.

The COSMO-2E model calculates 21 different forecasts four times a day, each with slightly different initial conditions for the Alpine region. From these forecasts with a grid resolution of 2.2 kilometres, the so-called “ensemble”, the likelihood of a particular weather event occurring can be calculated – up to 120 hours in advance. The ensemble also provides a measure of predictability of the expected weather situation, and thus also a measure of the reliability of the prognosis.

For short-range weather forecasting, COSMO-1E is calculated eight times a day at a resolution of 1.1 km. The 11 different forecasts generated by this ensemble look up to 33 hours ahead, and for the 03:00 hours run, 45 hours ahead.


Select the product format that suits your needs

You can choose to have our COSMO-1E and COSMO-2E data (e.g. for parameters including temperature, humidity, precipitation (rain or snow), wind, air pressure and geopotential, evaporation or radiation) sent to you in a number of different formats:

  • Tables with all the important weather variables at any number of locations within the model domain. Supplied in CSV format to enable you to integrate the data into your own data processing systems.
  • Horizontal fields: Data and graphics for the whole model domain or for a section that covers Switzerland.
  • Meteograms with graphs of the main parameters for a particular location.

Fees supplied on request.



You will find examples of products on the Product Page.


Tailored solution

Which sector do you operate in? Energy management? Buildings management? Or perhaps agriculture? The economic value of a weather forecast and the requirements of its various users can differ greatly from user to user. It therefore makes sense to carry out an individual analysis of your needs, and the specialists at MeteoSwiss are always pleased to help you with this.

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