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Nowcasting / INCA-CH

The INCA-CH nowcasting system provides analyses and very short-term forecasts (0-6h) of weather developments. The forecasts are updated every 10 minutes taking into account the latest available observations.

The INCA-CH system calculates every 10 minutes (144 times a day) a continuous nowcasting integrating different information sources. It covers Switzerland and the neighbouring regions with a horizontal resolution of 1km. The forecast time horizon ranges from 0 to 6 hours where data is produced in a temporal granularity of 10 or 60 minutes, depending on the parameter. The 6-hour nowcast includes the seamless combination of observed and extrapolated data as well as predicted data from the numerical model COSMO-1E. For some parameters, a continuous prediction up to 33h is available (merging of INCA-CH with COSMO-1E).

The high update frequency allows to take into account the latest available observations (measurement stations, radar network, satellite images) and thus to always provide a high quality forecast.


The following parameters are currently available:

  • Temperature at 2m and ground temperature (°C)
  • Relative humidity (%) and dew point (°C)
  • Average wind and gust (m/s)
  • Precipitation (mm/h), precipitation type (#) and snow component of precipitation (mm/h)
  • New snow (cm)
  • Total cloudiness (%), 3 cloudiness levels (low, medium high in %), relative sunshine (%)
  • Convective potential energy (CAPE, analysis only, in J/kg)
  • Convective inhibition (CIN, analysis only, in J/kg)

Data format

INCA-CH data are available on a grid (710x640 grid points) in netCDF format.

Various examples for reading and using the data are available.   

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