Monthly and annual reports

The weather service MeteoSchweiz is analysing the weather and climatic development and compiling a variety of reports. They include monthly, seasonal and annual bulletins and the annually published climate report. Current climatological questions are discussed in a number of publications.

Climate bulletins provide a comprehensive overview of the weather development during the monthly, seasonal and annual reporting periods. A tentative version is issued shortly before the end of the reporting period. During the first days of the subsequent month, it is replaced with the definitive version with updated content. The climate report thoroughly analyses the meteorological and climatological development during the reporting year and covers the current state of climate change in Switzerland. In so doing, the climate report is making a significant contribution to the climate discussion in Switzerland.  It is published annually.

Reports and publications

The weather service MeteoSchweiz is issuing a number of climate-related reports and publications. In so doing, MeteoSchweiz experts are cooperating closely with external organisations, federal offices, the cantons and academic institutions.

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