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Acting on behalf of the Federal Government, MeteoSwiss provides various weather and climate services for the protection and benefit of Switzerland.

Under the Federal Act on Meteorology and Climatology, MeteoSwiss is responsible for the following tasks:


  • Permanent and comprehensive collection of meteorological and climatological data in Swiss territory.
  • Participation in the recording, exchange and analysis of international meteorological and climatological data.
  • Provision of warnings about weather hazards.
  • Provision of meteorological information for air traffic and air safety in Swiss territory.
  • Provision of climate information and implementation of measures to secure a healthy environment in the long term.
  • Monitoring of atmospheric radioactivity and provision of the meteorological basis for calculating the spread of air pollutants.
  • Advancement of theoretical meteorology and climatology and conduct of applied research and development projects.
  • Provision of further meteorological and climatological services for the benefit of the general public.

Close collaboration and coordination on a federal level and with cantonal authorities ensures that MeteoSwiss can perform these duties even in exceptional circumstances.

Within the framework of the new federal administration management model (NFB), MeteoSwiss is now to be managed on performance and results basis. The heart of the NFB is the budget with the integrated task and finance plan (VA with IAFP). This combines the duties into performance groups with measurable objectives being designated for each performance group. The office where the internal effort is combined into a global budget has operational room for manoeuvre. In the annually-agreed performance agreements, the performance and results objectives from the budget are specified in more detail and supplemented with further tasks.

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