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Co-ordinated Weather Service

In cooperation with the Federal Office of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports MeteoSwiss co-ordinates weather information in special and extraordinary situations.

It is obvious that the weather also has an impact on technological and natural disasters as well as on military operations. The Co-ordinated Weather Service is therefore responsible for ensuring that meteorological information is available for civil and military requirements, such as:

  • Co-ordinating the use of existing civil and military infrastructure and resources for special and extraordinary situations
  • Ensuring that civil and military executive units are provided with weather information in special and extraordinary situations
  • Co-ordinating training of military and civil organisations
  • Collecting meteorological data that is necessary for the production of various weather service products.

Co-ordinated Organisation Weather

It is the aim of the Co-ordinated Organisation Weather to supply meteorological information to all civil and military authorities concerned.  

  • Normal situation: working in cooperation with the Air Force, MeteoSwiss has the task of providing preventive measures to guarantee the weather service within the framework of the Security Policy 
  • Special / extraordinary situation: where Auxiliary and Active Services are concerned, the responsibility for the co-ordination and execution of the weather service lies with Air Force Command. The transition from the civil to the military organisation takes place according to the requirements of the current situation in agreement with the Federal Department of Home Affairs and the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports.