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Special terms of use for the “Meteo reports” functionality

Function and use

The MeteoSwiss app offers you as a user the possibility to report weather phenomena, their effects and to have them displayed. Through your user reports, you support MeteoSwiss, other federal offices and other national weather services in the targeted issuing of current warnings and contribute to the improvement of applications and models.

If you wish to use this functionality and send us your weather observations, you must accept the terms of use described below. You must also agree to the comprehensive granting of rights (as described below) to the information you provide so that it can be used without restriction for forecasting and research activities.


Content and rights

If you activate and use the "Meteo reports" functionality, you thereby declare your consent

  • to upload only such content that substantiates your own weather observations;
  • to make available only such content to which you hold the sole copyright and exploitation rights,
  • to grant MeteoSwiss, other federal offices and other national weather services irrevocably, for an unlimited period of time and territory and without consideration, to the legally widest extent possible and unconditionally, all rights of use and exploitation to the content you make available. This grant of rights includes the right for MeteoSwiss to use the content provided by you in any possible form on a permanent basis, in particular, but not exclusively, to reproduce, publicly distribute, modify and/or forward this content to third parties. MeteoSwiss may therefore use the content provided by you as if it were its own content.
  • By making the content available to MeteoSwiss, you thus release it into the so-called "public domain" in accordance with the CC0 licence, the terms of which you also accept by accepting these terms of use.


Inadmissible content

It is prohibited to upload:

  • content containing photos of persons or personal data (such as telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, names, addresses, etc.) or
  • illegal or inappropriate content (such as pornographic, defamatory, racist or offensive content).

MeteoSwiss reserves the right to remove at any time content that does not comply with the above requirements or that violates legal provisions and, if necessary, to file criminal charges or criminal complaints.

In the event of violations of the terms of use, MeteoSwiss reserves the right to permanently block the "Meteo reports" functionality.


Special data protection information

Please note that special data protection information applies to the use of the "Meteo reports" function. These can be found under "Legal basis" in the chapter "Copyright and rights of use".

Further information