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Within the framework of GCOS Switzerland, MeteoSwiss provides targeted support to projects of national partner institutions that contribute to the implementation of the GCOS Implementation Plan and the GCOS Switzerland Strategy 2017-2026 (see also GCOS Switzerland Strategy). For that purpose, MeteoSwiss regularly issues calls for proposals. Detailed information on the open call for proposals is provided below.

Currently there is no open call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply?

Please fill-in the application form (Word template) and submit it including all annexes in a single pdf file using the link above.

Who is eligible?

The call for proposals is open to all individuals and consortia with a legal representative affiliated to a Swiss institution in Switzerland.

How is the proposal evaluated?

The Swiss GAW/GCOS Office conducts the formal evaluation of the proposals. If all formal criteria are met, the Swiss GAW/GCOS Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) evaluates the content of the proposals according to predefined evaluation criteria.

What is the maximum duration of a project?

The indicative duration of projects addressing the objectives described in Sect. 3 of the Call for Proposals Document is four years.

How will the SSC monitor the progress of the project?

The partner institution is required to provide yearly update reports to the attention of the SSC. In addition, it has to submit a final report to the attention of the SSC and a final report to be published on the GAW-CH and GCOS Switzerland Websites at the end of the project.