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Norm values tables

To describe the average climatological conditions at a station long term averages (or norm values) are required. Station tables show the latest set of 30-year averages, covering the period 1981-2010 or the standard period 1961-1990, for different parameters (available as pdf or tab-stop divided text-files). Periodic processing of newly occurring inhomogeneities in the data series may lead to changes in the norm values. The processing status is indicated in the individual documents.


Normals temperature

1961-1990 1981-2010
Mean temperature
Max. temperature
Min. temperature
Days of air frost
Days of ground frost
Summer days
Hot days


Normals precipitation

1961-1990 1981-2010
Precipitation sums
Precipitation days


Normals sun

1961-1990 1981-2010
Sunshine in hours
Sunshine in oercent
Global radiation 1981-2000


Normals wind

1961-1990 1981-2010

Winddirection (wind roses)


Normals pressure

1961-1990 1981-2010
Surface pressure


Normals clouds

1961-1990 1981-2010
Cloud cover


Normals humidity

1961-1990 1981-2010
Vapour pressure
Relative humidity


  • Days of air frost: the maximum-temperature remains below 0° C.
  • Days of ground frost: the minimum-temperature decreases below 0° C.
  • Summer days: the maximum-temperature amounts to 25° C or more.
  • Heat days: the maximum-temperature amounts to 30° C or more


Please note that for each station there is either sunshine duration or cloud cover available. Both parameters complement one another and both provide information on the average sun exposure.


Data tables of climatological normals and climate diagrams per station:

Climate diagrams and normals from Swiss measuring stations

Terms and Conditions to use the data 
If you use the data please refer to MeteoSwiss as source. Than you.

At the moment these services and data are free of charge, they must not be used for comercial purpose.

Terms and conditions


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