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SwissMetNet: A monitoring network fit for the future

SMN La Frétaz

SwissMetNet network map

The stations of the network are listed below the map. In the description file (pdf), you will find the detailed information on the measuring site and the instruments installed at each station.


  • Green points: Fully equipped stations providing several meteorological parameters.

   Example: SMN station at Aigle

  • Orange points: Automatic rain gauges.

   Example: Station Fionnay

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SwissMetNet (
Precipitation (
221 stations
Station Coordinates Altitude Official since
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Altitude: {mum} m ü.M.
Coordinates: {pos}
Official since: {info}

This new standardized automatic network is equipped with last generation measuring instruments combined to the latest communication techniques. Establishing and operating such network giving the complex topography of Switzerland associated to sometimes unfavourable climatic conditions is a major challenge.



Further information:

Final_state_SMN_2015.pdf, 1.3 MB


The automatic rain gauges network

Rainfall is a meteorological parameter highly variable in space requiring a particularly dense network of observation. In addition to the automatic SwissMetNet network, MeteoSwiss uses rain measurements collected daily by numerous observers. About 100 of these stations with a manual data collection will be replaced by automatic rain gauges by the end of 2015. These automatic rain gauges provide rain measurements at a high sampling resolution, namely every 10 minutes.


Rainfall measurements in the Canton of Valais

Since 2010, the canton of Valais has a partnership with MeteoSwiss and the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, in order to improve the available rainfall information in this canton with such a complex topography. The canton of Valais has invested heavily in the expansion of the automatic rain gauges network by giving MeteoSwiss the mandate to install about 40 rain gauges in Valais.


The latest stations

The next 5 fully equipped stations

Measuring instruments

SMN Instruments

NEW: Surface stations

Google Earth

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