International Activities

The international activities of GAW Switzerland encompass services, quality assurance and calibration as well as capacity building. This development of capacity and skills helps to promote knowledge transfer as well as the expansion of the global monitoring network in developing countries and emerging economies.

Clouds illuminated by the sun, seen from above.
© Andrea van der Elst, MeteoSwiss

GAW-CH maintains the GAW Station Information System (GAWSIS). This system gathers data from all GAW stations around the world and makes them available from a central point.

International calibration centres

The World Radiation Centre, partly funded by GAW-CH, is operated from the Physical Meteorological Observatory in Davos. The WRC provides calibration in the areas of radiation and optical depth of the atmosphere. The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) operates the World Calibration Centre (WCC-Empa) and the GAW Quality Assurance/Scientific Activity Centre (QA/SAC Switzerland) in line with GAW requirements. The two Empa centres support GAW members worldwide by offering calibration and quality management for surface ozone, carbon monoxide, methane and carbon dioxide monitoring.

Joint financing and capacity building

SPARC (Stratospheric Processes and Their Role in Climate) is one of the primary research programmes of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). It researches the role of the stratosphere in the global climate system. GAW-CH is one of the co-funders of the SPARC International Project Office, located at ETH Zurich since 2011 and until 2017.

GAW-CH also promotes the development of capacity and competencies (capacity building) in developing countries and emerging economies. For example, GAW-CH has been funding regular ozone soundings at the aerological station in Nairobi (Kenya) since 1996. Alongside financial support, GAW-CH also carries out quality assessments and provides training for the Kenyan team on a regular basis.

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