Data on the Swiss temperature mean since 1864




Area-mean temperatures of Switzerland

Version and year of publication:

1.0 / 2016


Publication: Begert M, Frei C. Estimating area-mean temperatures of Switzerland for long-term climate monitoring (working title). In prep.

Dataset: Begert M, Frei C. Area-mean temperatures of Switzerland. DOI: 10.18751/Climate/Timeseries/CHTM/1.0, [creation date]


The Swiss temperature mean describes the temperature measured on average across the entire area of the country and at the various altitudes of Switzerland. The mean has been available with a monthly resolution since 1864 and is continuously updated with the most recent values in the data files. A detailed description of the methodology used to calculate the Swiss temperature mean is published at the following link:


During data preparation and homogenisation [internal link: Home page / Climate / Past / Homogeneous monthly data / Homogenisation], the data on which the mean is based may change. If the Swiss temperature mean is affected by more than 0.01 degree, the dataset is issued a new version number or a new DOI, respectively.

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