Monthly Outlook

The monthly outlook is a forecast of temperature and precipitation trends for the next three weeks. Predictions are made on average weather development, as opposed to those made on individual weather events in forecasts for the next few days.

The monthly outlook is generatedpredicts temperature and precipitation of the upcoming weeks in relation to the long term average. for the three regions of northern and eastern Switzerland (Basel, Bern and Zurich stations), western Switzerland (Geneva Cointrin station) and southern Switzerland (Lugano).The diagram shows three bars indicating chances for lower, similar or higher values than in the long term mean. The outlook is updated twice a week, generally on a Tuesday and a Friday.

Technical information on long-range forecasting

In contrast to weather forecasts, long-range prognoses on climatic evolution are naturally beset by a high degree of uncertainty. Nevertheless, predictions can be made with regard to average values. This is done by running model simulations on high performance computers in order to quantify the range and probability of possible climatic conditions.

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